Industry: Men's Apparel

If your wardrobe aspires to Brioni or Armani, you likely know Harry Rosen, Canada's premier men's retailer. And when you take your exquisitely tailored purchase home, whether in a zippered garment bag or a special-occasion gift box, it will be in something manufactured or sourced by Progress. The inventory for all Harry Rosen's everyday and gift packaging, plus a separate program for its outlet store, is provided and managed by Progress, who ships directly to the nationwide stores and cross-docks bulk loads to one distribution center.

Canada’s premier menswear store Harry Rosen serves up the best in high-end men’s attire with great customer service. Progress is proud to provide a full range of packaging services to ensure that each and every piece of their carefully crafted pieces leaves the stores wrapped in the finest branded packaging products.

We make sure that the entire program is precisely crafted and color coordinated across materials: from premium paper shopping bags, magnetic collapsible and rigid boxes with custom-fitting pre-made bows for each box size, to gift card packaging, tissue paper and zipper garment bags.

Our stocking distribution program guarantees that we have every type of packaging on hand and ready to ship to any Harry Rosen store quickly with minimal notice. Canadians know that Harry Rosen is the source for the world’s leading menswear designers, and we are Harry Rosen’s source for premier packaging.